In this project, I dealt with the topic of humanity "The Human". Where are the boundaries? How is our body protected and how do we protect ourselves in order to feel safe?

We as living beings cannot live in space. Our bodies are protected from dangerous radiation or what I call "intruders" by a suit. 
This personal thought gave me the idea to deal with the subject of protection and astronauts.
The suit not only stands for protection against danger but also serves as general protection for the human body. The "suit" is very important. I protect myself very often, not from the world but from other intruders in my life/everyday life. From decisions, people, work opportunities, leisure, sport, etc.
If we summarize everything, the "Astrosuit" shows strength and a shielding from the human body. Like a shield that protects the body. This suit gives well-being and is very easy to wear. Personally, I take my steps in life with caution, I protect myself every day, because nowadays a lot influences our lives.

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